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Leading the digital transformation through automation and data analytics, KaylaTek is purpose-built to deliver enterprise solutions. Our team provides expertise in each stage of the automation process, and services in Sensor & Night Vision Technologies, Large Scale Cybersecurity & Enterprise IT Solutions and services as well as DevSecOps and Cloud Native Apps Development.   

Sensor Technologies

KaylaTek leverages sensor technologies across the EOIR spectral domain to augment advanced AI capabilities, and vice versa, to deliver remote sensing capabilities throughout C4ISR arena. 

Data Science and Data Analytics

By turning data into knowledge into action, KaylaTek delivers world-class modernizing solutions across platforms from Autonomous Vehicles to Enterprise Data Analytics.

Cybersecurity and Enterprise IT Solutions

Protecting data at rest or in motion, our team has experience defending large-scale enterprise IT networks, military platforms on land, sea, and air, such as the Pentagon COOP, and Commercial Utilities Grid Modernization efforts.

About KaylaTek

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